WhatsApp vs Kik: which is better?

In Android world both Kik and WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers available with millions of global users. Albeit both of the applications are exceptional built in terms of its design and features, the main difference they have is it’s new regular updates. Both Kik or more precisely Kik Online and WhatsApp are efficient for limitless messaging for free. The slight comparison comes down to the some of the best features Kik has and something unique which only WhatsApp has. As we will be going around today to see what that minor affects are which distinguishes both the applications from each other.


Here is how Kik is different from WhatsApp:

Features and style– Kik has always shown new and striking versions of chatting like new emojis, sharing videos or pictures but also it lacks in terms of its accessibility and user interface. While WhatsApp has remarkable attributes like unlimited characters of messages, audio call, location, group chat and broadcast messaging. It connects its users from every corner of the world.

User fee– Apparently, WhatsApp have even more users than Kik messenger. While WhatsApp services are free for first 12 months and then you have to pay a dollar for every consecutive year. But on the other side the services of Kik are free, without any charges.

Other attributes– both Kik and WhatsApp are simple, easy and fast. WhatsApp sync automatically with all your contacts and emphasizes more on sending unlimited messaging while Kik provides gaming features and sharing stickers with other users. It’s more of a dating app where people try to meet anyone online through live chat rooms. It also has options of sharing YouTube videos with your friends.

Installing and verification– with Kik, the installation and access process is little bit long, as one has to fill the sign up form in order to get register and create a username. You also have to import contacts from your phone to the app, to list contacts on Kik. Where WhatsApp is very convenient in this process as you just have to validate your number with a verification code and enter name to start texting.

User eligibility– Kik could be used by teenagers who are 13+ years old. Once you have created a username and password, you could message anyone randomly from online chat rooms and share content. On the other hand to use WhatsApp you should be 15+ years old. There is no password or username required in WhatsApp. People can start using WhatsApp by verifying their phone number. They could even share locations and contacts with other contacts. Best part is all your conversations get backed up. There is only one drawback of WhatsApp, to get connected with more people they should have the phone number of other people they wish to contact or message.

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I hope this serves as an eye opener to many folks, yes WhatsApp has huge followers but Kik isn’t too bad, to have both on your device could be the best idea.