Tips and Points to Consider While Buying LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights are a great tool to aid the growth of plans. They are surely better than the bulbs and incandescent lights which were used in earlier days. Bulbs and Incandescent Lights are still in use but people have started upgrading their set up with LED Grow Lights. The advantages are significant as LED Grow Light aids the growth of the Plants and in addition to this, LED Grow Lights also reduces the energy bills and lowers the water consumption.

You can also consider this upgrade as LED Grow Lights have been widely accepted by the farmers in the urban area. While making the purchase, there are some of the factors that you need to consider so that you can buy the best LED Grow Lights for your home. To help you, we have listed some of those factors that you must consider while making the purchase.

Factors to Consider While Buying LED Grow Lights

  • Adjustable Spectrum–There are two variations of LED Grow Lights available in the market. The one with fixed LED Output Spectrum and the other one with adjustable Spectrum we would suggest you to opt for the LED Grow Lights with Adjustable Spectrum as you can adjust the output spectrum to simulate the different seasons which is more suitable for plants.
  • Plant Compatibility– LED Grow Lights also have a compatibility factor with the plans. Some LED Grow Lights are compatible with a particular type of plant while others might be compatible with the other type of plan. In such a case, you must consider the same and check these details while buying the LED Grow Light.
  • Warranty – Also consider the warranty that comes with the LED Grow Light. Typically you will find products with 5 to 10 years of warranty. The failure rate of LED Grow Lights are very low but we would still suggest you to check the warranty information before making the purchase and try to buy the one which offers a better warranty.
  • Cooling System– Another factor to consider while making the purchase is the cooling system. The power supply system of LED Lights usually generates a lot of heat. This doesn’t have an impact on plants as the light does not generate any heat. You can look at the models with cooling fans or heat sinks to ensure there is no overheating.
  • Mountingand Size – Lastly, consider the mounting and size of the LED Lights that you are purchasing. The size should be according to the space available in the growing As per a standard, you need 25-watt lights of 1 square foot. Plan this accordingly and choose the mounting that suits your needs as well.

These were the factors to be considered while purchasing the LED Grow Lights. You can make this purchase with traditional brick and mortar retailer or you can even check for the deals available online. Purchasing LED Grow Lights online will not only help you in getting a better deal but it will also save you from the hassle of logistics.