Showbox is way better than Torrent: 7 Reasons why

7 reasons why Showbox is better than Torrent websites and even after they are closed, they are not that missed! So, to use this awesome application, you need to download Showbox Apk first on your device.


  1. Safe

When we talk about Torrents, the first thing that comes to our minds is that they are unsafe and using them can allow hackers to get into our systems. Well, Showbox perfectly replaces torrents in this matter as Showbox will work even if you are using a VPN service which means no one is getting into your device!

  1. No third party apps to download movies or TV shows

When torrents were alive, we used to press on download and then it would tell us to download an application called the uTorrent which would further download the file. But when you have Showbox, you will not have to worry about an extra application to download as you will not only download but also search within the application. It is one of the coolest things about the application as all you need to do is press the download button.

  1. Quality uploads

Torrents never gave us the quality of the content that we desired and as a result, most of the latest movies or TV shows that we got from torrent websites were being recorded which had bad video and audio quality. Well, you don’t have to settle anymore as Showbox will give you the best quality of uploads that is available on the World Wide Web.

  1. Choice between different quality of media

Showbox generally gives you 3 choices to download your media which torrent websites lack in! You can download a 720 p movie through the application or go for 480 or 240p movies as well making it super convenient when it comes to low storage.

  1. No registration or membership

Torrents did not usually require any fee but some of the sites asked for an email id to register which they might use in hacking. Showbox on the other hand doesn’t require any type of registration in the application nor does it asks for any type of membership fee which not only makes it better than Torrents but also a lot better than Netflix.

  1. Latest news

The latest update of the Showbox application also comes with the news section. As soon as you will open the app, you will be able to see movies related insider news that is way more expressive. You can also switch to TV mode in case you want to see some TV related news.

  1. Fast, easy to use UI

This is the best thing about the applications and the most important reason why one would go for an app instead of going on a website. Applications are much more easy to use and when it comes to Showbox, it is even easier than setting up the wallpaper on your smartphone.