Rumored features of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6

So now there’s a long wait until the GTA 6 finally hits the market. We aren’t hoping the game anytime before 2018. Well yeah, more than a year’s wait. Since Rockstar games decided to just not give out too much news, we decided to predict and gather information from here and there.


One really cool thing that the GTA 6 will bring in is the ability to personalize the main character itself. You will be able to change not just the clothes and get up but more or less the entire person.

Missions: The GTA 6 shall come in the gaming world like a boss! It has never failed to add that extra factor in the game, and as far as the missions are concerned theres always more that we can do from its earlier part. Apart from the odd jobs that were earlier there as missions, you now have an array of other things to do such as army, robberies, etc. Basically, these little features shall give the game a rather normal and not the over the top feel.

Gameplay: The earlier version allowed you to be able to purchase just one house, while GTA 6 shall let you get more than just one apartment, could as well be two, but not one. Also, you could as well be able to flaunt some interior designing skills with it! Well yeah, you can do your personalizing inside the house.

More Vehicles: GTA 6 shall offer to the players an additional range of cars and vehicles which will make the entire game a major turn on. The cars this time will be licensed cars and therefore there will as well be an addition of the kind of vehicles that we see in the game.

GTA 6 shall for sure be a great great thing to witness, and a little extra wait for the same will sure be proven to be all the worth.

Adding on to the already amazing experience is the VR support that will make the Grand Theft Auto 6 bigger and better. There are rumours that in this series, players can teleport, much like NFS 2015.

To add on more, you can also style the player. Shopping is always fun, and it doesn’t matter if it is just for a game. In GTA 6 you have options to buy from a range of clothes and add on to the list of already bought clothes. No more boring same thing this time. Along with that you can as well customise your cars and guns to turn them into however you want them to be. we must buy a best gaming keyboard.