New iOS 11 Theme Now Lets You Activate The Dark Mode

This year, we have the iOS 11 coming up, and in anticipation, we shall now describe to you one big new addition: the new iOS 11 theme, the dark mode, or, as some people call it, the night mode. In this article, we shall direct you as to why you should use this new mode and how to activate it as well.

iOS 11 Theme: What is The New Dark Theme?

Simply speaking, the new iOS 11 theme does a lot better when it comes to covering up the super-bright areas when compared to its predecessors. Say, on any given day, you are in a darkened movie theatre, and you also happen to be carrying your Apple device. In the middle of the show, someone calls you, and the screen lights up to its usual glorious level. Everything is going okay until this point when your neighboring cinema-goers object to the fact that such a bright light is glowing, thus hampering their experience. In this case, you will need the new iOS 11 dark mode.

iOS 11 dark mode
iOS 11 dark theme

iOS 11 Theme: New Features

Incidentally, the previous iOS versions too carried a similar feature called the Classic Invert feature. However, it was not a true dark mode as the colors were reverted to their complementary colors and turned blue into magenta and so on. This new theme on iOS 11 is better and hides the bright areas more efficiently.

iOS 11 Theme: How To Activate The New Dark Theme

The steps include the following.

  • On your iOS 13 compatible devices, go to ‘Settings.’ Then, go to ‘General.’ Tap on it to activate.
  • A new option will now appear which says ‘Accessibility.’ Tap on it again.
  • Another option, one which says ‘Display Accommodations’ will now appear. Tap again.
  • Now, tap on ‘Invert Colors.’ Almost there. Under ‘Invert Colors’, there are two more options. One says ‘Smart Invert,’ and another says ‘Classic Invert.’ The second option is the older version and is not up to the mark. So, tap now on ‘Smart Invert’ which is actually the smarter choice.
  • Find the switch next to ‘Smart Invert.’ Toggle it gently.
  • You have successfully applied the new iOS 11 theme- the dark mode.

Wrap Up

Any questions, suggestions, or advice when it comes to the new iOS 11 theme? Use the comments section to your heart’s content.