NBA 2K19 Wishlist: What Fans Would Like to See

After all speculations and numerous anticipations, this year’s NBA 2K18 game has been brought a full year’s wait to a close. In all true blue ways, we can say that the game has been one of the successful installments of NBA 2K series. But truth be said, despite both critical and commercial success, the game faces some troubling issues, of which some of them are still lingering. For the time being it is the best time to let fans enjoy the game, but amidst the new game, there also arrives few anticipations of what can safely be called NBA 2K19. Despite the fact that the new entry has just been released, fans have come up with newer wishlists and this guide comprehensively talks about some of the NBA 2K19 wishlists, have a look at them.

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NBA 2K19 Wishlist Comprise of These:

Talking about the gameplay, one of the biggest issues with the game of NBA 2K18 is the clipping. Although it does not completely ruin fans’ experience, there are times when one may see players glide through another which is somewhere very disheartening. Due to the implementation of newer movement system, fans witness the increased clipping. For improvements, NBA developers can work through patches. Here’s fingers crossed for NBA 2K19!

There are possibilities that developers can include up to 64 or even 128 teams MyLeague. As a matter of fact, fans would love to see a revived and revised MyLeague mode if it supports a wide range of teams (as aforementioned). Just the thought of implementing and creating conferences and the custom divisions with a variety of postseason qualifications as well as structure is itself breathtaking. If the mode is customizable, then one may further get in touch with the game sans major scheduling issues. Talking about MyLeague online, smaller leagues would be extremely beneficial.

As a gameplay, developers have incorporated some of the fascinating features which fans also are enjoying to a great extent. Now, we already get the chance to see players reacting to calls and events in the game. More immersion would be added if players come with signature reactions. Also, downloading and uploading single player creations would be amazing if developers include this feature.

The Final Words

NBA 2K19 wishlists comprise of the many other features that developers can include in the next installment. For more news on this front, choose to stay glued to us. We presume there would be nothing conformational until next year, therefore, here’s all fingers crossed!