How to make sure the best battery is also the best for you?

Almost all car owners are looking for the BEST car batteries. What we do not understand most often, is BEST is quite subjective. The battery that runs for 10 years without choking for your friend’s car might not run for even 10 days smoothly in yours.


Bikes and cars are nothing more than over-priced toys without the right batteries. From horns to air conditioners, nothing can function without the coordinated action of cathode, anode and electrolytes.

The right design:

When you are out shopping for a new car battery, you will need one that fits perfectly inside your car. By “fit”, we mean, size, dimension and power. It needs the right power to keep your car moving. Most of the batteries come in standard designs for commercial cars.

For example, the indicators of Tata Indica take up 2A of current. Hence, a 40 Ah battery would power these indicators for 20 hours from a full changed condition. Most electric and hybrid cars use Lithium polymer batteries. Whereas the conventional petrol or diesel engine cars still use, lead acid accumulators.

Battery Type:

If you are driving in extreme conditions, you will need special kind of batteries. The best battery design for your car is also dictated by the weather. Therefore, if you are driving in extreme cold, you will need a battery that does not conk in freezing temperatures. The electrolyte has to remain soluble even in sub-zero temperatures.

If it is really hot outside, your battery will likely face a different kind of strain. The type of battery you choose will determine if your SUV is apt for sand-duning or if you should simply stick to highways.


Your battery will lose power over time and this is the norm. Some batteries come with a “prescribed” time limit of around 5 years. However, how long your battery will actually serve you depends on how well it fits with your car.

We will advise you to get a battery that has not been in store for longer than 6 months. A battery usually comes with letters and numbers. This combination usually tells you the manufacturing date. A indicates January, B indicates February and so on. So if your battery says B6 it was manufactured in February 2016. You can find the combination on the lid of the battery. Do not forget to check the best leather conditioner for car.

How to install your battery?

Every battery comes with installation instructions and manuals. So you can easily install your battery yourself. The better option is to approach your dealership for a professional installation. You can get the battery checked for manufacturing date and any defects as well. Most dealerships have service departments who are qualified engineers who can install the battery.


Getting the best battery from the best brand is not enough to ensure the best performance. You need the right services and the right people to help you understand what is best for your car model. You need to keep your eye on the health of your battery just like your brake oil, engine and belts.