How to Install Showbox On Your iPhone & iPad using Vshare

Showbox is one of the most useful apps, and as it is most popular as an Android app, people with an iPhone or iPad may feel deprived of the great app. but just for you here we are sharing the detailed guide on how to get Showbox for iPhone & iPad. But it is a fact that for the iOS user, it is a bit complicated to get Showbox or Moviebox working on an iPhone or iPad devices compared to getting it on a PC or Android device.

Showbox for iOS
Showbox App

Showbox or MovieBox are nearly identical in function and to use them one have to go through one or the other methods of installation. For the sake of transparency and reliability, it is advisable that one must download both to avoid issues when the user wants to stream!

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But it must be noted that the Apple App store has not sanctioned the following methods to utilize the applications. So there always involves a risk in downloading apps from ANY 3rd party or private vendors.  Thus it is important to understand the risks are involved in dealing with 3rd party applications, and that is why proceed at your own risk.

Installing MovieBox or Showbox for iPhone using Vshare is the most versatile method that we have tried to cover here. A wide range of iOS versions is there that allows you to install it on a Windows machine or directly on the mobile device or tablet. If for some reason one encounter any issue while installing Showbox for iOS directly, try pushing it from the Vshare Windows software or may try 1 of the other two methods detailed below!

  • First, download and install the upgraded version of Vshare for Windows.
  • Then go ahead and run Vshare. You should connect the iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable. Once recognized then tap on the “Trust” from your iPhone to continue and hen the connection is established, see the following screen.
  • Next, navigate to the “APPS” on the top menu bar and click on the download MovieBox.
  • You can monitor the download process by selecting the “DOWNLOAD” tab.
  • After the download is complete, go to ‘Install Moviebox.’ While MovieBox is been downloading to the iOS device, do not disconnect or turn of your iPhone or iPad.
  • The ShowBox app must begin to install on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen by now
  • When the install process is complete, verify the author before using the MovieBox app. For this, browse to Settings -> General -> Profile & Device Management and tap on the developer’s name associated with MovieBox. From here you will want to go ahead and Hit “Trust” to enable the app.

 Now the user is able to open MovieBox and enjoy your favorite tv shows, movies, news & trailers.