iMessage is Not Working — How to Solve It?

iMessage is one of the most popular instant messaging service among apple devices. iMessage is available for many apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac users too. iMessages is a standard messaging app in United States and users can send unlimited text, pictures, video and document to others and all this for free and all you need is a data pack.


Since millions of people use iMessage daily and with regular updates sometimes there will be problems or questions regarding iMessages. Here are three common problems faced by iMessage users.

1)Messages not delivered:

Users may face messages being not delivered to the recipient even though everything is working fine. There may be two reasons why this may be happening. One being the iMessage servers are down or the network in your mobile is not working properly.

So how to know if iMessage servers are down which is a very rare case. Users can check the status of iMessage by going to this web address Apple’s System Status and can check the status of apple servers. You can also use this simple method of asking others that have access to iMessage.

What to do if iMessage servers are working fine, then the problem mostly is with network. Best option is to reset your network setting by going to General option in setting and then click Reset>Reset Network settings. Now check again if the iMessages is working most probably it will.

2) Messages are not syncing to other devices:

You are having to Apple devices and connected to internet but you are they are not syncing with each other. This may have occurred due to email ID used in the devices are not matching. To change these options, go to setting in iPad, iPod or iPhone and then head to messages and change the email ID. In MAC go to messages then preferences and then click accounts, now you can change the email ID. With these changes now your iMessage will be able to sync between your devices.

3) Names are displayed wrong:

Since the update of iOS 7 Apple had made some changes to iMessage with these changes now the contacts of users are made short for better User Interface. Many users may not like this feature so, how to change the names to normal again. It is a very easy option to change the names to normal again, go to setting option in your iPhone then click on the mail, Contacts, Calendars option in settings there you can find Short name and tap on it at the bottom you can find an option with Prefer Nicknames click on it to change the contact names to normal.

These are some of the common problems with iMessage hope this article helps you to sort out the problem with your iMessage. If your problem is not listed out here, you can use our comment section to let us know your query we would be glad to help you.