GTA 6: Progress, Development, Risks, Delays and Expected Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 6 remains the day dream of many gamers as Rockstar recently announced its intention of launching Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2017. With new project sequels to work on, Rockstar North may just be keeping all GTA related work on the backburner.


What has already been said

All this said, we are sure that no production work has been done for GTA 6. Only a couple of months ago word slipped out from an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Ballerstatus that the development of the game was under progress. As a matter of fact, the new version can be staged in New York and Whoo Kid’s music will be a part of the GTA 6 sound track.

No word from Rockstar

After that the GTA front has been quiet. There have been no movements and no whispers regarding the new locations, release date or development status. There have been quite a few rumors about a 2018 release of GTA 6 stating the source to be Leslie Benzies, the ex-President of Rockstar games himself. But it is rather odd that he would be commenting on the release of a game that he is not involved with.

Say ‘Hi’ to superbikes

Very recently we caught a buzz that focused on GTA V and new motorcycle models that are being used in the game. A new bike “Nagasaki Shotaro” has been added to the automotives of the game. The new Deadline Mode allows players to use custom maps. The new bike is a Tron-like model that can carry different light trail colors.

Easter eggs from GTA 5

All other clues gathered from different sources including Sernandoe’s YouTube channel point towards a 2021 release date for the game. Most of the sources also state that the trend of including superbikes in the game will continue in the sixth edition. As a matter of fact, he points out several hidden surprises from the GTA 5 gameplay that direct us towards several possible locations, including London, North Yankton and Vice City.

Inclusion of VR and AR

GTA 6 will come with more customizable maps and VR support. As a matter of fact, the release dates have been pushed back from 2019 to 2021 due to troubles with VR support. Rockstar has always aimed high when it comes to gaming quality. This time, they are aiming for AR and VR support that is delaying the release of the upcoming game.

The inclusion of virtual reality in the Grand Theft Auto gameplay will help Rockstar surpass the $800 million profit margin of GTA 5 with their eyes closed. VR compatibility will be a huge move and it will be a massive win for all GTA patrons around the world.

Waiting for the next update

We are still waiting for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 for a word from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 details. As of now, everything we are hearing point towards a bleak future for the sixth edition as Rockstar has busied all its brains and brawns with the rendering and production work of Red Dead Redemption 2 that hits the markets in 2017.