Garageband alternatives that work with MP3

GarageBand for PC is an application for OSX and iOS developed by Apple, and it is used to create music and podcasts. It is used by many musicians across the world and one of the most used music workstation to support in their creations.


GarageBand had many features which make your work way lot less, it had Audio Recording which helps you to record audio and later can add music tracks to it and even edit the music by tweaking setting. It had many Virtual instruments like piano, various style guitars and drums and much more are stored in it that produces the exact sound as if from a real instrument. Users can add multiple tracks of different instruments and play them at once to get real life simulations.

The application had music lessons in it which are useful for new users who are starting on GarageBand with many pre-recorded music lessons.

One major drawback of GarageBand is it does not support MP3 format or export one which upsets many users. There are many alternative Digital Audio Workstation software’s which supports MP3 format.


Audacity is easy to use Digital Music Workstation and a free to download software. It is open source application which developed and maintained by volunteers across the world. You may think Audacity is simple application just because it is open source software, but it had many features that are present in GarageBand. Audacity had high-quality audio editing and mixing features which are used by many musicians and starters.

Audacity supports many audio formats WAV, MP3, AC3, AAC, MP4and Ogg Vorbis AIFF, AU, FLAC. Users can install third party plugins too to increase the features and performance of the application

FL Studio:

FL Studio is another Digital Music Workstation that supports MP3 format and is a paid application. It is a cross-platform application not only for PC’s but also for smartphones with iOS and Android Apps. FL Studio has three editions that are Fruity, Producer, and Signature and is paid application with prices as 99$, 199$ and 299$ respectively. This application has more features than GarageBand with more virtual instruments, effects, input and output connectivity and much more and once you brought the software you are provided with Lifetime Updates for free forever.

Cubase Elements 8:

Cubase Elements 8 is one of the oldest and yet more powerful Digital Audio Workstation first released in 1989 and available for both OSX and Windows. It supports many formats including MP3 format for both import and export. Cubase also had many features that are available in GarageBand such as Multi Audio tracks, MIDI support, editing tools and virtual instruments notably. It had many third party plugins to increase its features and also supports third-party hardware.

Above digital audio workstations are some of the important software’s that supports MP3 format. Even though GarageBand does not support the MP3format, it is one of them most used music software by many musicians across the world for their music creations.