FaceTime vs. Snapchat – A Full On Comparison

In this article, we will do a comparison of the features of Facetime and Snapchat.


Some of the features of Snapchat include:

Significantly smaller app size (iOS app)

Snapchat is 8.7MB Facetime is 16.8MB. The smaller size only means that the app takes less space when compared to Facetime for PC on your Apple device. This leaves more space for other apps and other data like music and photos can be stored.

facetime vs snapchat

Has temporary image

The temporary image feature allows you to send a friend daring images which can then disappear once the person has seen it. Sometimes by accident when you have sent an image to somebody by mistake, then the need to worry is not there as the image automatically goes off.

Has temporary text message

The temporary text message is also another feature which you will find extremely useful. You can send text message that can disappear within a short while.

Has “message seen” notification

The message seen notification is another feature which you will find extremely useful as you can find out if somebody has opened your message or not. This helps you find out whether or not you have read the message.

Has a media gallery

A media gallery contains all uploaded files which makes your search easier and helps you organize the content.

Has image preview

The feature comes with image preview which allows you to can small thumbnails of images before opening it. That helps you decide whether or not you want to open the image or not.

You can set your status

The status can be set using this feature which lets you share your mood, share some important information, and what you are doing with your contacts at once.

You can send videos

You can send videos using this app.

Drafts are automatically saved

The drafts can be automatically saved, which only means when you are typing a message and then close it automatically keeps the text.

Is compatible with Android

It is compatible on a range of Android devices which include smart phones and tablets.

You can draw on photos

You can draw on photos and share fun pictures using your own doodles on.


Captioning is another feature which you can add captions and titles to your photos.

Can capture photos

You can capture photos using this app. That helps you captures the image and edit it within one app. The need to import the image taken from another camera application is not needed.

Is compatible with Windows Phone

The app is compatible with several ranges of Windows Phone devices.

Has the option to delete message history

You have the option of deleting is using the message history. The need to keep all messages is not there as you can delete past messages, whether they are confidential or private information.


Some of the features of Facetime include:

It is available on PC

The feature is available on your PC and on smartphones. This depends on your usage.

Has end-to-end-encryption

It comes with end-to-end encryption which allows you to protect data between two communicating parties that help the intended receiver to be able to access the unencrypted information.

You can stay invisible

Using this app, you can appear invisible and continue your work.

You can switch off notifications

When you do not want some notifications, you can switch them off without having to disturb others. These can be mentioned for a specific time frame.

Has existing contacts integration

You can make use of existing contacts integration which means you can easily access and communicate with contacts which were present on your existing phonebook.

Explicitly more languages supported

A wide range of languages can be supported using the application. It allows you to use it in the language you want and it is suitable to communicate with more users around the world.

You know that iPhones come with two cameras. The front camera is meant for this app. Your contacts can see your face using the front camera and you can also tell them the place where you are calling them.

These were some of the features of both FaceTime and Snapchat. It is safe to say, that both the social media tools are extremely useful and come with excellent features when communicating with loved ones. Developments are going on and hopefully we should see minor changes in the coming months.