Cordless Drill Vs Impact Drill – What is the difference?

Do you know about ball peen hammer and the sledgehammer? If, No here is the answer. Both are used for doing the same sort of the work but they implement their own way for doing this. In the same way, Cordless drill and Impact Drill are used for doing the same sort of work but in their own way and they are limited to their own domain. Here we are going to elaborate the difference between two.

Cordless drill is one which is just like an old traditional drill provide a lower traditional torque and there is impact drill which provide a combination of the higher torque with a fast paced rotation strike. You might get confused with the hammer drill and the impact drill. Hammer drill is one which provide the strike from the rear to make it easy to drill through the hard materials like the concrete, this is not likely the case with the Impact drill. Previously the problem occur, in case of large torque value, screw tip get spin out of the groove while tightening. To overcome this the impact driver came in the market. Which make it easy to provide both a good torque and good hold.

For heavy and the solid projects like the concrete one, impact drill can be a good option over the Cordless one. But there is a disadvantage while using the impact drill which is Noise. The drill is coming with heavy noise and you need to make use of the noise protection while using this. The next point of difference between two is the clutch. Impact drill is not coming with the clutch which make its size smaller than a cordless drill. And this make their use comfortable in a position where the cordless drill are difficult to use. They can be used in more narrow places. This add a limitation to the use of impact drill. It cannot be used with the delicate products and this is not providing the option to withdraw the force.

best Cordless drill are more domestically used where the amount of torque is not needed that much and this is used with more delicate products. While the impact drill has been used where there is need for getting the high amount of torque. There are several top rated drill options available in the market and you can opt for any one of them.