Buying Guide for a Towel warmer

You might have heard the name of towel warmer many times but it may be possible that you don’t have it at your home. There are many people who consider towel warmers as an unnecessary tool in their bathrooms but if you will know more about it, you will definitely consider using it.  Before making any conclusions, you should find out what is towel warmer. It is an appliance which can be placed where there is excess moisture and you want to keep the towels dry and free from mildew.

Working of towel warmers

There are two types of towel warmers which are hydronic and electric and both are efficient in providing enough warmth to the rails. The best electric towel warmer can operate in an independent manner and it contains low watt electric elements and heat wires are installed in tubes located in the rails. The hydronic towel warmers are connected with a radiant heating system or hot water plumbing system. When the hot water runs through the rails, it keeps the appliance warm.

Why should you buy a towel warmer?

Whenever you come out of the shower, you definitely want to wrap yourself in a dry and warm towel but if the towel is damp, then it won’t feel good to you. Not only you can keep the towels warm by using these appliances but you can also use these in entryways or your rooms to hang gloves, jackets or hats to get dried.

Variety of sizes and styles

Not only towel warmer is useful but it can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. It comes in extensive ranges and you can choose one of the best styles for your bathroom. Whether you want to get curved rails or you want to get arched tops, you can find everything when you will do proper research while shopping for a towel warmer. It is really important that you choose an eye-catching appliance for your home so that it can reflect your own style.

There are various design finishing’s on towel warmers which are bronze, satin nickel, antique gold and lot more. You can extra heating features in some towel warmers while some can provide shelf to store   towels easily.  If you don’t want   to waste much money, then you can   prevent yourself from buying towel warmer with unnecessary features. You can get the towel warmers with switches and timers so that it doesn’t get too hot.