Best Wood Planer in the Market

Let have a look at some of the best available wood planer in the market:

  1. Steel City Tool Works 40200H: This one is of the best wood planer which is available in the market and also this one is s good option for the homeowners. This one is also pocket-friendly and you will get this at an affordable price. This one is having a spiral woodcutter. Generally, it is advised not to by small-sized wood planer but this is not the case with this wood planer because here you will find all the qualities which are available in larger size planer. This one is also coming with the dust collector and it is very easy to move this planer.
  2. Steel City Tool Works 40300H: This is another one of the best wood planers which are available in the market. This one is coming with separate crank handle and the dust system. You need to attach both of this along with the planer. The crank handle is attached to the right hand side and dust collector at the back of the tool. Keeping safety point into consideration, there is a safety on/off feature which is coming with the tool.
  3. Dewalt DW735R: This one is one of the best wood planer coming from the side of Dewalt. This cannot be a good option if you consider portability. The machine did not keep attached to the ground but it is very difficult to move this from one place to other as the machine is of 100 pounds. The cutter system is having three knife which can be removed. There is dual speed system. One will provide you 96 cuts per inch and the other one with 179 cuts per inch. The cleaning of this planer is also not a big hurdle.
  4. Delta Power Tool 22-590: This one is the last in this list and coming with three knife cutting mechanism. This will provide you a smooth finish. Also, the life of the knife is more as compare to the blade which is provided in the other wood planer. In order to eliminate the snipes, there is special cutter head lock. There are in-feed as well as out-feed table in order to check sniping. You will also find micro-adjustable depth in this to provide the consistent cutting.